Queer Families: An LGBTQ+ True Stories Anthology: “Wake” and “Enough”

Clinton Ink-Slingers: Virtues From the Heart: “Fidelity”

The Larger Geometry: Poems for Peace (Editor’s Choice Award)

Stonewall’s Legacy

Fragile by Medusas Laugh Press

The Mississippi College Arrowhead: 2013, 2014, & 2016 (1st prize in Poetry)

Art Songs

Reconciliation, premiered in Boston Conservatory alumnus Jamie Ferguson’s show Always Love, Always at Mississippi College.

Victrola Follies, composed by Warren Ertle and premiering at Boston Conservatory on March 6, 2019.

The Trace, composed by Warren Ertle and premiered at Boston Conservatory.


Believe Out Loud: I’m Planning a Wedding in a State with a License to Discriminate

many gendered mothers: Amy Lauren on Alison Bechdel

Ottawa Poetry Newsletter: On writing through the wound

The Presbyterian Outlook: What Can Church Music Teach Us About Grace?


About Place Journal: Aching

After the Pause: Taste

Anomaly Literary Journal: Curse

The Christian Century: Honey on the Wound

Cordite Poetry Review: La Petite Mort

Dandelion Review: Miss Scarlett, Growing Up

The Finger: Echo

Gay & Lesbian Review: Five for Our Child

Ghost City Press Review: Insoluble

GERM Magazine: Woman

GERM Magazine: Save Yourself

Impossible Archetype: Morning Prayer

IO Literary Journal: Stitched

In Layman’s Terms: Swamp Femmes

Lavender Review: Caol Áit (Pushcart Prize nomination, 2018)

Lavender Review: For the Motherless in Yazoo (Best of the Net nomination, 2017)

Levee Magazine: Lavender Country (Pushcart Prize nomination, 2018)

Levee Magazine: How to Gut a Fish

Levee Magazine: Salvage

L’Éphémère Review: My Kind of Theology

Madwoman in the Attic: An Angel Breathed Me (Forthcoming in Oct. 2019)

mojo: Block

New Orleans Review: False Gods

The Presbyterian Outlook: Faith

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Genie Crushed by Bottle

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Dear Straight Boy

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Be Not Afraid

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Yearn

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Bloody

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Jewel

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Tools

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Budding

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Frighten

Screen Door Review: Ghost Tree

Screen Door Review: Bad

SHANTIH Journal: St. Valentine

Sinister Wisdom: MS House Bill 1532

Sinister Wisdom: The Question, Love on the Brick Streets, Baptismal

The Stirling Spoon: Miz King

Transcendental Magazine: How to be Gay in Mississippi

Vagabond City: Twenty-First

Wherewithal: The Cage


Music by Women Festival / MS University for Women: “Lesbian Listening: Minimalism & Gendered Musical Expression”

Mississippi College Music Symposium, 2014 & 2015 (1st prize)

MC Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, 2016 (3rd prize)

Tougaloo College – Mississippi College 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (1st prize in Humanities & Education Oral & Poster Awards)


L’Éphémère Review: Survival and Anxious Mortality in The Tornado Is the World

L’Éphémère Review: “The Act of Living As a Worshipful Experience” and Today Means Amen


God of Many Faces” (Songs for the Holy Other: The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada)

MC Creates

Byrd Preaching Award

2018 Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award finalist: “Swamp Things”

2019 Tennessee Williams Poetry Prize finalist