Queer Families: An LGBTQ+ True Stories Anthology: “Wake” and “Enough”

Fragile: Forthcoming from Medusas Laugh Press

Clinton Ink-Slingers: Virtues From the Heart: “Fidelity”

The Mississippi College Arrowhead: 2013, 2014, & 2016 (1st prize in Poetry)



Believe Out Loud: I’m Planning a Wedding in a State with a License to Discriminate

many gendered mothers: Amy Lauren on Alison Bechdel

Art Songs

Reconciliation, premiered in Boston Conservatory alumnus Jamie Ferguson’s show Always Love, Always at Mississippi College.


After the Pause: Taste

Anomaly Literary Journal: Curse

Cordite Poetry Review: La Petite Mort

The Finger: Echo (Forthcoming in Fall 2018)

Gay & Lesbian Review: Five for Our Child

Ghost City Press Review: Insoluble

GERM Magazine: Woman

GERM Magazine: Save Yourself

Impossible Archetype: Morning Prayer

IO Literary Journal: Stitched

In Layman’s Terms: Swamp Femmes (Forthcoming)

Lavender Review: Caol Áit (Pushcart Prize nomination, 2018)

Lavender Review: For the Motherless in Yazoo (Best of the Net nomination, 2017)

Levee Magazine: Lavender Country (Pushcart Prize nomination, 2018)

Levee Magazine: How to Gut a Fish (Forthcoming in Dec. 2018)

L’Éphémère Review: My Kind of Theology

Madwoman in the Attic: An Angel Breathed Me (Forthcoming in Oct. 2019)

Mojave Heart Review: I Saw a Woman in Men’s Clothes

New Orleans Review: False Gods

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Genie Crushed by Bottle

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Dear Straight Boy

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Be Not Afraid

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Yearn

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Bloody

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Jewel

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Tools

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Budding

Rising Phoenix Press Review: Frighten

Screen Door Review: Ghost Tree

SHANTIH Journal: St. Valentine

Sinister Wisdom: MS House Bill 1532

Sinister Wisdom: The Question, Love on the Brick Streets, Baptismal

The Stirling Spoon: Miz King

Transcendental Magazine: How to be Gay in Mississippi

Vagabond City: Twenty-First

Wherewithal: The Cage


Music by Women Festival / MS University for Women: “Lesbian Listening: Minimalism & Gendered Musical Expression”

Mississippi College Music Symposium, 2014 & 2015 (1st prize)

MC Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, 2016 (3rd prize)

Tougaloo College – Mississippi College 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (1st prize in Humanities & Education Oral & Poster Awards)


L’Éphémère Review: Survival and Anxious Mortality in The Tornado Is the World

L’Éphémère Review: “The Act of Living As a Worshipful Experience” and Today Means Amen


MC Creates

Byrd Preaching Award